Pingdom Server Monitor is the easiest way to unleash StatsD.

No infrastructure required: you are minutes away from StatsD-backed charts and alerting.


Instrument your app.

Measure everything: StatsD has minimal overhead and won't break your app if our agent is unavailable.


View+Alert on your metrics.

Your metrics are first-class citizens within Pingdom Server Monitor. Compare against the performance metrics you already report.

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StatsD support is embedded in our server monitoring agent: unify your StatsD and server metrics with one elegant service.

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    Unified Dashboards

    View your StatsD and server performance metrics from a single dashboard.

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    Unified Alerting

    Use powerful alerting functionality to monitor your key metrics.

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    Language Support

    StatsD libaries exist for virtually every common language.

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    Cut Overlaps

    Use a single monitoring system vs. multiple overlapping tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of metrics can I report?

Pingdom Server Monitor supports counters, guages, and timers. Read more about metric types on our help site.

How much of a performance impact does StatsD have?

The performance impact of StatsD is dependent on the number of metrics processed per-second. Our built-in statsd server is equally as performant as the StatsD node.js server. Although it is limited to a single CPU, it can handle over 100k metrics per second on a 2.7GHz CPU. Learn more on our help site.

Are there any extra dependencies?

Support is embedded in our monitoring agent. No extra dependencies or services are required once it is installed.

Why not build this on my own?

Of course you could! However, a production-grade custom metrics solution that supports both charts and alerting involves a number of moving pieces and real hardware costs. We're confident the value you'll receive from offloading this burden to us is far greater than the cost of rolling your own.