MySQL Query Stats ~ Pingdom Server Monitor
Plugins like this provide extra functionality beyond Pingdom Server Monitor's default monitoring capabilities. This and 90+ other plugins are available via a one-click install in our web interface.

MySQL Query Stats


Returns statistics on MySQL connections and select, delete, insert, and update operations.


This plugin reports statistics on MySQL operations.

Queries per-second are reported for the following operations:

  • Delete
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Select
  • Total Queries

The following metrics are also reported:

  • Connections
  • Max Connections

MySQL Query Stats

Delete 50 /sec
Insert 2,000 /sec
Update 1,500 /sec
Select 7,000 /sec
Total Queries 10,550 /sec
Connections 100 
Max Connections 300 
By Eric Lindvall