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PostgreSQL monitoring


Provides a summary of PostgreSQL cluster query activity.


Provides a summary of PostgreSQL cluster query activity. The following query statistics are recorded:

  • SELECTs (from index) (rows/second)
  • SELECTs (from scans) (rows/second)
  • INSERTs (rows/second)
  • DELETEs (rows/second)
  • UPDATEs (rows/second)
  • REPLACEs (rows/second)
  • Total queries (rows/second)
  • Transactions committed (txn/second)
  • Transactions rolled back (txn/second)
  • Total transactions (txn/second)
  • Blocks read from disk (blocks/second)
  • Blocks read from buffer cache (blocks/second)
  • Buffer cache hit rate (%)
  • Number of active backends


Requires the pg library

gem install pg

Enabling Statistics Collection

Statistics collection must be enabled for this plugin to report data. See our help entry for instructions.


Created by Robert Coup of Koordinates

PostgreSQL monitoring

SELECTs (index) 100 /sec
SELECTs (scans) 10 /sec
INSERTs 50 /sec
DELETEs 5 /sec
UPDATEs 15 /sec
REPLACEs 5 /sec
TOTAL 185 /sec
Transactions committed 100 /sec
Transactions rolled back 2 /sec
Total Transactions 102 /sec
Blocks read from disk 2 /sec
Blocks read from buffer cache 90 /sec
Buffer cache hit rate 97 %
Number of active backends
By Robert Coup of Koordinates