Memcached Monitor ~ Pingdom Server Monitor
Plugins like this provide extra functionality beyond Pingdom Server Monitor's default monitoring capabilities. This and 90+ other plugins are available via a one-click install in our web interface.

Memcached Monitor


Provides stats on your memcached instance, including gets/ sets/ hits/ misses/ evictions/ per second, uptime, memory used, KB read per second, KB written per second, and more.


This plugin provides stats on your memcached instance:

  • Current connections
  • Current items
  • Evictions per second
  • Gets per second
  • Sets per second
  • Hits per second
  • Misses per second
  • Read per second
  • Kb written per second
  • Limit
  • Threads
  • Total items
  • Uptime
  • Used memory
By Jesse Newland, Jon Bracy