Apache Load ~ Pingdom Server Monitor
Plugins like this provide extra functionality beyond Pingdom Server Monitor's default monitoring capabilities. This and 90+ other plugins are available via a one-click install in our web interface.

Apache Load


Monitors Apache traffic, reporting throughput, busy workers, and idle workers.


This plugin parses the output of the Apache Server Status Page and requires the mod_status Apache module. It reports the following metrics:

  • Throughput in requests/sec
  • Busy Workers
  • Idle Workers


Enable mod_status

The Apache Server Status page (sample) must be accessible for the plugin to report stats. See this guide for instructions on configuring the status page.

Turn ExtendedStatus On

The plugin uses the Total Accesses value from the status page to determine the throughput. This is only provided if ExtendedStatus is on:

ExtendedStatus On

See the Apache Docs on mod_status for more information.

Provide the URL to the machine-readable format

Pingdom Server Monitor requires the machine-readable format of the status page. If ExtendedStatus is set to On, you’ll need to explicitly specify the machine-readable format of the page.

To access the machine-readable page, just add the following parameter to the status page URL in your Pingdom Server Monitor settings: ?auto.


Apache Monitoring

Request Rate 3,000 /min
Busy Workers 25 
Idle Workers 10 
By Will Ronco