Ruby on Rails Monitoring ~ Pingdom Server Monitor
Plugins like this provide extra functionality beyond Pingdom Server Monitor's default monitoring capabilities. This and 90+ other plugins are available via a one-click install in our web interface.
This plugin has deprecated with the release of Pingdom Server Monitor Application Monitoring.

Ruby on Rails Monitoring


Monitors a Ruby on Rails application's performance, providing a breakdown of slow requests and a detailed daily performance report. Nothing to install in your Rails app - just provide a full path to the log file.


Analyzes the performance of a Ruby on Rails application via its log file. Install this plugin in Pingdom Server Monitor and provide the full path to a Rails log file (ex: /var/www/app/APP_NAME/log/production.log).

The plugin provides a breakdown of slow requests, generates alerts when the average request time increases dramatically, and creates a detailed performance report via the Request Log Analyzer gem every 24 hours.

By default, a slow request is any request that is greater than or equal to 3 seconds. This can be modified in the plugin settings.

Note that the Request Log Analyzer may take a couple of minutes to run on large log files.

On the first run, a detailed report is generated for the previous 2 days of activity. No metric data is reported on the first run (requests, slow requests, and average request time).



elif gem

sudo gem install elif

request-log-analyzer gem

sudo gem install request-log-analyzer

Memory Tracking

This plugin can alert you when a request results in a large jump in memory usage. To enable memory tracking, follow these instructions.


Tested on Linux, OSX, and Solaris. Requires the Pingdom Server Monitor Agent version 4.0 or greater. Requires the Request Log Analyzer 1.6.4 or greater.

Ruby on Rails Monitoring

Requests 18,000 /min
Slow Requests 218 /min
Avg. Request Time 28.4 ms
By Pingdom Server Monitor