Advanced Process Monitoring ~ Pingdom Server Monitor
Plugins like this provide extra functionality beyond Pingdom Server Monitor's default monitoring capabilities. This and 90+ other plugins are available via a one-click install in our web interface.

Advanced Process Monitoring

Monitors the memory and cpu usage of a process, generating an alert if it exceeds a specified threshold.


Given a process name, this plugin monitors:

  • Number of Processes – the number of matching processes running.
  • Largest Process Memory Usage – the memory usage (RSS) of the largest instance.
  • Total Memory Usage – the total memory usage (RSS) across all process instances.
  • Largest Process CPU Usage – the cpu usage of the largest instance.
  • Total CPU Usage – the total cpu usage across all processes.
  • Restarts – the number of process restarts.

This plugin supports regex matching on the process name and the ability to modify the ps command arguments. If you just need basic process monitoring, you can set triggers on key processes.

By Eric Lindvall