The Pingdom Server Monitor Platform

    Extend monitoring capabilities with the plugins below.
    There are no scripts to download, edit, and deploy: plugins are available via a one-click install in our web interface.

    Most Popular

    A selection of the most installed plugins.


    Monitoring for traditional databases.

    NoSQL Datastores

    Monitoring for non-relational datastores.

    Web Server and Load Balancers

    Monitoring for services used to server and balance web applications.

    Docker and Containers

    Monitoring for container services.


    Monitoring for search services.


    Monitoring for queuing services


    Monitoring for messaging services.

    Configuration Management

    Monitoring configuration management services.

    Server Utilities

    Misc monitoring for server-specific services.

    File Utilities

    Monitoring for changes in files.


    Plugins for monitoring disks.


    Plugins for network monitoring.

    Metric Importing

    Plugins for importing metrics from services.

    Outside Services

    Plugins for retreiving metrics from third-party services.


    Plugins for monitoring authentication services.